The University of North Carolina System is dedicated to the discovery, creation, transmission, and application of knowledge to address the needs of individuals and society. Carrying out this mission requires UNC Charlotte, as a UNC System constituent institution, to cultivate a campus environment in which our students, faculty, and staff are empowered to express competing ideas. We can't benefit from each other's knowledge or rigorously test our own without open discussion and inquiry. 

Consistent with this principle, the stated vision and values of UNC Charlotte promise a robust intellectual environment that values social and cultural diversity and free expression. To fulfill that promise, the university must support both peaceful protest and the rights of individuals or groups to say or do things that some might find objectionable, or even hurtful. 

Our vision and values also promise a campus that embraces collegiality, integrity, and mutual respect. Our First Amendment obligation not to restrict offensive and hateful speech does not mean such speech is worthy or welcome. UNC Charlotte reserves its right to publicly condemn egregious acts of intolerance and commits to protecting the speech of members of our community who choose to do the same. 

This website contains information and resources related to how UNC Charlotte works to create and sustain an environment where freedom of speech and expression are supported and honored. If you have any questions about this website's contents, or about UNC Charlotte’s policies related to free speech generally, please contact the University’s designated free speech Responsible Officers.